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Prayer Wall

Greetings to all the God’s way family, and those who have just joined us. The prayer wall page has been set up because I have been overwhelmed by people asking for prayer over the last 12 months in hard times and difficult circumstances. So this is a way of helping our brothers and Sisters from around the globe, in a caring and supportive way. When you Put your prayers up on the wall, they will stay there for 1 month before they  drop off. That way, other prayers can be prayed for as well.  I believe in the power of prayer, and most importantly I believe in the God we serve, who is able, to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. Amen.

I pray for a good health always and for me to be able to have a normal delivery on january since i have a big baby in the tummy.. i pray also for my baby’s health. I ask God’s strength to be with me on the delivery day…

I pray to you Lord for my daughter to stand by your grace guide her do not lead her to temptations. I pray also that they could find a good helper for their baby so her husband can go to his work. To God be the Glory. Amen

I pray to you Lord for my sister suffered a kidney and gallbladder stone please let these stones washes out through all the medicines she had taken and make this an instrument to her healing. Touch her heart when you send somebody to share the word of God and her family as well. I pray IJMN Amen

Thank you OLord the answered prayers and the blessings you had given to us. Lord God I come to you in a prayer for the parcel of land heirs by the family of my husband, that you will give this wealth now to the heirs. I pray also that no problems shall occour in processing of the documents. IJNAmen

Prayer that the judge be in my favor as I go to divorce court keeping from husband from being able to what I worked hard for since before him in Jesus name I pray that I can stand strong in that court room as I face my husband after a year not shade a tear so my over coming him from hurting me

Father I thk you for waking me up this morning. I am asking that you speak to my son’s hearts about smoking weed. I am praying for you to send someone to put them on the right track. I am tied of living with this. Please help and protect my home. Thk you in Jesus name..

“Oh, My Dear Lord Jesus Christ, in Your Mighty Name, i Pray and Ask the Strength that my weak, ill and sickly body needs. Lord, send me Your Spirit to have Courage, create in me a new, clean and loving heart to be what You want me to be, and to do what You want me to do, for Your Glory. Amen.”

“Oh Lord, Our GOD, before i ask for anything from You, let me ‘Thank You’ for every Blessing, for every Grace, for everything, You keep giving me every moment of the Life You give me. Today, i Thank You for This Day, waking me up Today. THANK YOU, OH MY GOD! MY LORD JESUS CHRIST and the HOLY SPIRI!”

Dear heavenly Father God Almighty I am praying for more blessings with my business, making native chocolate. Give us customers, more orders and some finances for capital so we could supply our custoner’s order. Help our business grow that can support ourdailyneeds. In Jesus Name Amen

Dear Heavenly Father,
Praying for all fears, anxiety, worries and anxiousness to be cast away. Praying for safety, guidance and forgiveness to fill our hearts. But most of all for the Holy Spirit to live in our hearts.

Im praying for all of my loved ones to stay mentally,emotionallly,physically healthy and balance.I am also praying for my baby’s health. Help me Lord to overcome difficulties in life. Pls send me good people to be a better person. Help me to forget and forgive people who hurt me. In jesusmighty name

Pls pray for our unsave love ones to receive the gift of life the Glory of God. I pray that this coming january will be our reunion of the clan may the Lord touches their heart and I claim it now that they will accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. To God be all the Glory. Amen

Pls help me pray for my grand daughter that God will guide in her studies to have more achievements in school.To be more responsible in her studies and more enthusiastic and energetic one specially in school activities and at home as well. I pray this in Jesus Name Amen.

I pray for my daughter and her husband as well for God touches their heart to let them go back to church and make them thirst to his words. To make them humble and not to show their pride. I’ve pray all this in Jesus name Amen.

Lord father god i ask that you take all these defects of character away from me and let me bear nothin but good fruit in my life. Take me off the twisted and crooked path and put me on the straight and narrow path. Refrain from anger and forsake me from wrath.

Heavenly Merciful God & Father I’m sorry for ALL my doubts fears angers anxieties depression SIN. I’m in dire need of forgiveness to myself & MANY others whom I know I’ve hurt with my tongue & behaviors. No excuses I know YOU Know my struggles,deficiencies, traumatic events that’s lead me here.😪💕

Dear Lord please help me to return to better health with healing after my surgery for I know that it is a long road and mentally with the depression. Also for Mary who fell on her steps and messed up her knee. Thank you

Prayers for a speedy recovery for Ernesto had a stroke and he is my brother through Christ , may almighty God bless him and his family whomever are at his bedside I ask all prayer warriors to come together and pray for he to is a warrior for Christ ✝️AMEN

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