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Prayer Wall

Greetings to all the God’s way family, and those who have just joined us. The prayer wall page has been set up because I have been overwhelmed by people asking for prayer over the last 12 months in hard times and difficult circumstances. So this is a way of helping our brothers and Sisters from around the globe, in a caring and supportive way. When you Put your prayers up on the wall, they will stay there for 1 month before they  drop off. That way, other prayers can be prayed for as well.  I believe in the power of prayer, and most importantly I believe in the God we serve, who is able, to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. Amen.

Heavenly Father I come to you in prayer for my daughter you know that she needs a surgery very serious I asked the Lord to help her so she don’t have to have that surgery Lord so the medicine they give her to help her. Lord Jesus I asking your precious glorifynam I’m asking for prayer for my daughte

Please, help me ask God to heal me of all the diseases that surround me these days, especially high blood pressure. I also ask that he help me obtain the forgiveness of joel and victory and gives me the strength to overcome my new situation. to God be all the glory.

Lord, if it be your will and timing I ask that you please put your arms around my family. Help us to stay strong and not let the world take our eyes off of you! Lord, I want to thank you for you for your love understanding and most of all your grace! In Jesus name I pray AMEN

I and asking for Prayer of agreement, I am asking for Prayer concerning finances, I am a giver but now, I am thankful for what God does for me, He Is My Jehovah Jireh but I need no less than 1,000.00 monthly Increase suddenly, In Jesus name, Ephesians 3:20, In Jesus name!!!

I’m Praying for total and complete manifested physical healing from digestive issues, reoccurring physical aches and stomach pain, chest pain, arthritic pain, chronic fatigue, also I am Praying for financial BREAKTHROUGH, In Jesus name, Or know God Is Faithful, I Pray Psalm 107:20, ,Psalm 103:1-3!!!

Dear God,
Thank You for adding another year into my life. God please I begged of you to give my 3 sons Salvation. God please help them to finish their studies. God help me to find funds to buy the house that I am living in right now. Your Word said to claim what we step out foot in. I claim my hous

Heavenly Father come to you in prayer for help where’s my daughter’s health and my son health and my grandson and financial help heavenly father and lift him up to you or Lord in prayer we should precious blood protective 🙏🙌 God

Hi. Pray for me to pass my licensure and civil service xam to help my family financially and also pray for my problem to be solve (my case specifically with friend who scammed m) I’m so stress about it, I’m so pressure and sometimes I just want to cry, I don’t want to put more burden on my family.

God met me in August 2018. He healed me of depression, physical pain, and tremors. Doubt, pride, and others. I am asking for prayers to restore my 2 children back to my life. After a brutal divorce they want nothing to do with me. Or pray that I can move on. It is killing me.

Dear Father God pls help us, I am praying for the bizniz you have given the fintegri, pls give me more people to invest on it help them to understand more on the system of the company. I pray this in Jesus mighty name. Amen

Good morning pls I am asking for a prayer for my husband he keep on ziesure we are now in our dialysis session. May the Lord protect him from evil because the devil never stop destroying our family I”m asking God to shed us his holy blood for the protection with my whole family. To God be the glory

Lord I come to you for ln prayer to help my son reunite we see Son’s for their son that you hate their dad when he comes home to embrace him like a father not with hate and anger for them To real no matter what that’s his father please. Fathers and son and his wife Lord 🙏🙏 Amen

Dear Heavenly Father,
I come to you tonight asking for you to please put your healing hands on my sister in law! She know the problems and you also know how bad she needs to turn her life around and make it right with Father. I ask this in Jesus name Amen!

Please pray the the Lord will take this devil away from our family! He is working overtime. I will not stop seeking the Lord! I am a child of God and shall seek my Father in everything I do! In Jesus name I ask this AMEN!

Please pray for my grand daughter and grandson to focus on their studies cast 11out all their tirediness in times of schooling and in at home during time of daily house chores. Teach them how to be responsible enough to

Dear Father God,
I pray to have another baby, son or daughter. Im already 38 and my daughter is 9 years old and asking for a sister or brother. I pray this to you in the name of Jesus Christ your Holy Son. Amen!

Dear Lord ,
I pray for my kids that may they always be protected when they leave my home. May they make healthy and good choices in life. I also pray for all the sick people in this world for my parents give them health and strength in life. May my husband always have a job and health. Amen 🙏🏽

prise the lord …….my name is xavier….i am recently graduated from medical school ……now i am preparing for my indian license exam …..and after this am planning to write USMLE ….please pray for my prepation and ……thank you

Morning to God be the glory !!! Please pray for me that father God would endow me with the holy spirit in MY life that l May BE what God created me to be I pray that father God would bless me with peace on my job. I pray that father God would bless me with my own apartment and that my car repair .

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