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Prayer Wall

Greetings to all the God’s way family, and those who have just joined us. The prayer wall page has been set up because I have been overwhelmed by people asking for prayer over the last 12 months in hard times and difficult circumstances. So this is a way of helping our brothers and Sisters from around the globe, in a caring and supportive way. When you Put your prayers up on the wall, they will stay there for 1 month before they  drop off. That way, other prayers can be prayed for as well.  I believe in the power of prayer, and most importantly I believe in the God we serve, who is able, to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. Amen.

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Please pray for my family and the racist and vicious unwarranted attack on our lives over the last 3 years. Pray for my health I have not been able to a Dr.a also That No Weapon formed Against Us Shall Prosper.

Prayer for healing and restoration for my sister Suzanne that her kidneys will start working, her infection will clear. Also prayers for myself Lisa for healing of my knees especially my left knee that’s in constant burning pain an left ankle/foot By the stripes of Jesus we are healed

I lost my mom and dad when I was 15 and 16 a brother at 14. Family of 9 no one ask where I was going to live. I married to an abusive husband for 20. Never really close to anyone. I then lost my son 3 yrs ago. Please pray for my other son and his wife to want a real relationship with me. He’s all i

Please pray for my father Robert,to my mother Ross, and my siblings rose ann, rustom, robert, robinson, rose jane, rolex, rose kate, and rusty.. For safety and protection. Thank you May God bless you too.

Please help to pray for my father’s safety. I pray God always protect him I will leave the justice in God’s hand and I pray for peace of mind of my family regarding with the situation we had.

Deliverance, freedom. Restoration. Redemption. True salvation. Clarity. For Michael, Daniel. Isaac. Mike. Lacey, Michelle, Tom, Joe, Randy. Eric. Tara.Niko. Torsten. Ira. Erwin. Jason.Rita.Larisa.Rima. Sergey. Deema.Tony. And all who are mentaly be set free from all demonic strongholds/addictions.

Asking for Healing for my stepdad,He has cancer in his lung and yesterday they did laryngectomy surgery, to remove his cancer in his throat , Im asking for the elders to pray over him ( Kevin Radomski)

I am praying for the victory of our ministry group to go back to operation , so it will continously help those who are in need espicially the poor people. May the govt officials touch their hearts and minds to really see the good intentions of our ministry to enrich the poor.In Jesus name, Amen!

I come before a humble heart to please pray for the following:
1.spiritual strength & growth for our family. That all of us be united with love & respect. 2.My job that I may be hired ASAP and start for work. 3. good health & safety of ministry work.

I have a sister, Tracie, a younger identical twin, needs to know God and His Love, even though she claims to have accepted Jesus. And my 73 year old neighbor had a pacemaker 19 years ago, and had stents placed yesterday. Thank you.

I ask everyone to please take a moment together to pray for my family. Since the death/murder of my son Justin Garrett Owens on July 2nd 2017 MY entire life & mind is trying to grow cold towards anything anyone 😫

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