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Prayers that have been answered

 This page has been set up for people to share answers to prayer, to be a blessing and encouragement to others.

Thank you Lord for answered prayers: in giving the financial assistance released by our gov’t agencies for the hemodialysis of my husband,in touching the heart of my brother he who will enroll me in fintegri business as a gift me this christmas. These all I pray in God’s Glory. Amen

I am having (a small surgery on my (back) to help conrol
The pain, from the neck to the
End of my spine.
I love my Lord, I stand beside
My Lord.
Gay from Ms.

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Thanking God for giving my daughter a new job now. May the Lord guide always her path that lead their whole family to be in God’s glory Amen.

Thank you Lord for my grand daughter’s tuition fee that her sponsor the one paying it for the whole year. This an anwered prayer cause I made a prayer request last few months regarding on this. To God be all the Glory.

Thank You Lord for the remission of my wife Copd condition. The Lessing of my knee and foot pain. Our wonderful grandchildren and children being safe.

I started having seizures and my doctors finally found the reason. I was layed on a bed at my grandparents and I woke up and fell on a hardwood floor, the doctors finally found it on my brain where it had hit my skull. ( a little bruise) praise God they were able to perform brain surgery.

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