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Brickie-0867Hi, Welcome to our page!

I’m Rod, the creator of God’s Way. People keep asking, who is the person behind the page, so here’s a short blab of who I am.

I’ve been happily married now for 38 years, with 4 children, and 4 grandchildren, and have been a bricklayer since I left school (nearly 40 years now.) As a Christian, I identify with Jesus as a tradie (tradesman), outdoors man in the elements, working with his hands, working to deadlines, keeping customers happy, coping with all the stresses and strains of a small business. He was obviously good at his craft, because people knew him as the carpenter from Nazareth.

I’m just your average Joe, tradesman bricklayer, who studied theology for a few years, but also have an interest in art, music, philosophy, psychology and photography.  After losing a daughter and grandson from  AFE (Amniotic fluid embolism) a few years ago, sent me on a journey of faith, through the depths of despair, to rise above and move forward in a positive light, and encourage others to do the same, who have been through a valley of grief or loss. So l started taking a few happy snaps with my iPhone to and from work, on weekends, and my travels abroad, then fused them with the Word to make a few memes, and so that’s how this online community has developed and grown from there.

So basically in a nutshell, I’m about building a community of online believers, who want to overcome obstacles in their lives through the Word of God and prayer. The medium of Facebook is used with reflections on the Word of God through art, culture, philosophy, nature and music…….God Bless Rod.