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Brickie-0867Hi, Welcome to our page!

I’m Rod, the creator of God’s Way. People keep asking, who is the person behind the page, so here’s a short blab of who I am.

I’ve been happily married now for 35 years, with 4 grown children, and 2 grandchildren, and have been a bricklayer since I left school (nearly 40 years now.) As a Christian, I identify with Jesus as a tradie (tradesman), outdoors man in the elements, working with his hands, working to deadlines, keeping customers happy, coping with all the stresses and strains of a small business. He was obviously good at his craft, because people knew him as the carpenter from Nazareth.

I’m just your average Joe, tradesman bricklayer, who studied theology for a few years, but also have an interest in art, music, philosophy, psychology and photography. So l started taking a few happy snaps with my iPhone to and from work, on weekends, and my travels abroad, then fused them with the Word to make a few memes, and so that’s how this online community has developed and grown from there.

So basically in a nutshell, we are about building community online with reflections on the Word of God through art, culture, philosophy, nature and music.