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What’s your spiritual footprint?

What’s your spiritual footprint?

With global warming being a hot topic these days, everybody is banging on about a carbon footprint.  But what about your spiritual footprint?  What are you talking about you might say. So let me explain. What sort of legacy are you leaving and what would impact are you having on your children and future generations. In the book of Deuteronomy it talks about God blessing down to the third and fourth generation to those who love him. Our spiritual life affects our physical life, and our physical life affects our spiritual life.  Let me explain…. I remember when my father had a car accident when I was eight years old. He lost his arm in the accident so he had to learn to eat with a fork and no knife. So as a kid i used to watch and copied him and grew up eating with a fork just like him so when I had children they copied me and did exactly the same. So that’s an example of how things can impact on future generations in the physical realm but what about the spiritual realm.

How you approach life and the problems associated with it can have a huge impact positively or negatively on the next generation spiritually. The 4 main blockers that stop people from moving forward and reaching their full potential and the destiny is doubt, fear unforgiveness and unbelief.   How you approach and overcome these blockers/obstacles can have a major impact positively or negatively upon the next generation because values are caught not taught. Do you doubt? Doubt yourself? Doubt your abilities, or have you got confidence in yourself

What about fear do you have a fearful outlook on life? Or do you have a faith outlook on life. What about forgiveness are you a forgiving person, or do you hold onto a grudge for years and years. These things in the spiritual realm can have effect on our physical realm… in our health and our finances and in our relationships.

We can live in the physical realm dealing with things on the carnal 2D plane, or we can deal with things God’s way in the 3D plane the spiritual way.

Remember to the world, God’s ways are foolishness …The world says- Get what you can, and can what you get…But God says-.the first will be last and the last will be first. Give and it shall be given to you, pressed down shaken together and running over….. If we pray thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Then we have to ask ourselves as we go about our daily life, am I going about things my way, or am I going about things God’s way?

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